My Number One Bodywork Business Bestie

If you have any type of bodywork, healing, or client service based business, you really can’t go past having an online booking system.

It is the one thing that has been by my side in my own bodywork business for almost 10 years and I wouldn’t be without it again.

I originally decided to use one when I had just opened my first clinic and did a Groupon Campaign. (I do NOT recommend doing that by the way! But that’s a blog post for another time.)

As I was earning such a small amount on those massages anyway, I didn’t want to sacrifice a lot of time on the phone going back and forward with people finding suitable appointments.

So, after they purchased their voucher, they were directed strait to the booking site, made their appointment and it saved me loads of time!

I didn’t expect all the other benefits that would come with having it in place.

Benefit Number 1:

It acted as a website.

While it was just a simple landing page attached to a calendar, it gave me my own URL.

This meant I could list my site on Google and other local free business directories before I even had a website to direct people to.

People love to be able to visit a website to see your offerings and prices before they pick up the phone to make an enquiry.

Benefit Number 2:

It was like having a receptionist working 24/7.

Not only do I get a lot of new clients go right ahead and book without even calling first, my existing clients LOVE it too.

They love the fact that they can be thinking about how sore they are when they finally sit down at night, and jump strait online to book a treatment without having to wait until a reasonable hour to call/text me. (Which, by then, they have usually forgotten about it because they are busy going about their day.)

I get loads of bookings come through in the early hours of the morning, when shift workers are awake and it’s quiet at work or they are coming off a shift.

Without my online booking system, I wouldn’t capture those bookings.

Benefit Number 3:

It weeds out the bargain hunters 

If you have all your information up front for everyone to see, the people looking for a bargain won’t stick around long and that’s totally cool.

It’s another way that the online schedule saves you loads of time.

You don’t have to spend a minute of your time speaking to people who just want to know how much you charge or what type of treatments you do.

What better things could you be doing for your business with that time? I can think of a lot!

Benefit Number 4:

It weeds out the unreliables and no shows

You can require a deposit, or the full payment at the time of booking and have your cancellation policy clear for all to see.

I found a $20 deposit ideal for most treatments. It’s enough of an investment that the client will be committed to turning up to their appointment but not so much that most people can’t afford to pay upfront.

For instance, a client may want to book online today for a treatment on Thursday. If they don’t have a credit card and don’t get pain until Wednesday, having to pay the full amount upfront might be hard for them and exclude them from making the booking.

This is when it is important to know your ideal clients and what they are most likely to need and or struggle with.

If you are worried about losing clients that don’t want to pay a deposit, I’d ask you to consider if you want clients that like to rely on the ability to be unreliable?

Any client that values your time and is as serious about committing to their appointment as you are, won’t have a problem paying a deposit to secure the time with you.

Benefit Number 5

This one is as juicy as they come!!

It allows me to put Facebooks Pixel tracking code into it so I can retarget my Facebook ads to people that have visited my site.

I’m not sure about other booking systems, but Acuity lets you use the Facebook tracking pixel to track 3 different events.

You can then retarget your Facebook ads to people based on the actions they have taken in your schedule.

// Page View is always sent when pages are loaded

// Initiate Checkout is triggered when someone starts scheduling an appointment or purchasing a package/subscription

// Purchase is triggered after someone successfully books an appointment or completes an order for a package, gift certificate, or product from your store. 

This is so amazingly powerful and definitely one of the first things you should install when you set up your online schedule!

All you need is a Facebook Business Page to get a tracking pixel.

Even if you aren’t ready to start doing paid Facebook advertising, you should absolutely be tracking your visitors from the beginning.

The more data your pixel has, the better your ad campaigns will be when you are ready to start running them.

Benefit Number 6:

For those of you not ready to invest in a monthly subscription yet, there’s a FREE version!

You don’t get as many of the features with the free version but it’s great to get you started.

You can even try the paid version for free for 14 days to see what all the fuss is about. Then, if you don’t add a payment method, it just bumps you down to the free version to continue with until you are ready to upgrade.

Honestly, it’s the most valuable $10 a month I currently spend in my own Bodywork Biz.

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