My Secret To Successfully Re-booking Clients.

The two questions I get most often are “How do I get more clients?” and “How do I get people to rebook?”

The answer to the first question, you can find here. Today though, I want to share with you my secret to getting clients to come back.

Some of you may be disappointed to know that it’s not as simple as a few words I say at the end of every session that they simply can’t refuse.

In fact, if you are looking for some quick and sleazy tactics that almost impels your clients to return, this is not the blog for you my friend!

Of course, you can ask them strait out if they would like to book their next session before they leave. In fact, I encourage you to do that.

The likelihood of them taking you up on that offer though, will hinge on this critical factor:

How did you make them feel?

I’m not just talking about the treatment either.

Having mad skills as a practitioner is for sure an important part of your success and you should absolutely be continuing to improve what you can offer your clients as far as technical and practical knowledge goes.

The thing is, it goes much deeper than that when people are deciding if they are going to trust you with their care.

And so it should!

My rebooking rates are super high.

I’m not saying this to puff myself up. It’s just true for me and I’d love it to be truth for you too.

Below is a list of how I get people come back to see me again and again aside from my mad bodywork skills.

I ask them how they want to feel.

I always start by asking them how they want to feel when they leave.

This is important for so many reasons but for today I’m just going to explain why it’s relevant to them rebooking.

You are setting a nurturing tone for the space. One that lets them know strait up that this is a space where their needs are important to you.

Why does this even matter?

Many people have trouble articulating how they want to feel.

Perhaps they haven’t even considered it until you asked them?

In an ego centric masculine driven paradigm, a lot of us aren’t taught to prioritise how we want to feel.

The fact that you are prioritizing their feelings, will make you very appealing to most of the clients sitting across from you.

Listening and watching between the lines.

When you ask someone how they want to feel, actively listen to their answer.

Don’t listen with the intention of telling them what they should do to make themselves feel better.

Rather, listen with the intention of letting them express themselves and feel heard.

Pay attention when they answer you, to what lies beneath their words.

Notice their body, how it moves or doesn’t move.

Does it contract when they talk about how they feel?

Does it shift at all when they talk about how they want to feel?

Think about their answer.

How do they want to feel?

What does their answer tell you about them?

The fact that someone wants to feel alive and energized probably means they are feeling the opposite in that moment, right?

So, what could you offer them during their session that would move them towards that end goal?

Mimicking the energy your client wants to embody.

Now, I’m certainly not encouraging you to be inauthentic.

It’s important for you to be yourself for sure.

What I mean by this is, bring the version of yourself into the space that they most need on that day.

For instance, if my client tells me they want to feel calm and relaxed, chances are they have been feeling stressed or anxious.

I’m certainly not going to let crazy playful Kelly loose during their treatment today, am I?


I’m going to be that calm chilled Kelly whose energy is so Zen, it automatically puts them at ease.

Likewise, if they want to feel alive and energized, me walking around like Eeyore won’t be helpful for them at all. I’m better off unleashing bright eyed and big-hearted Kelly instead.

Holding empathic space and validating them.

Meeting people where they are at is so important.

If you try to get them to meet you where you want them to be, or where you think they should be, they may leave feeling like you don’t really understand what they need and you also risk making them feel worse about their problem not better.

Don’t let yourself be thinking about how you think they should feel.

Just understand that they feel how they feel and its fine.

Let them know you understand and that while they are in this space (your treatment room), they are safe and supported in expressing their feelings to you.

Show them you understand in a “me too” kind of way, without making their session all about you.

I say things like, “That’s really tough, I understand how that feels for sure.”

This lets them know that they can relax around you and loosen their armor. If they feel accepted and understood by you, they will relax much faster.

Often, we feel so strongly in our desire to help people that we just want to tell them what to do so that they will feel better.

There’s nothing wrong with that! After all, they are paying you for your expertise and solving the problem that drove them to come and see you in the first place is certainly part of your ongoing relationship.

But in the beginning, you must validate them to help them relax and trust you.

Just sit and listen.

Offering them solutions comes later!!

Share your plan with them.

Before you move on to their treatment, tell them how you plan to help them.

You don’t need to be super specific and talk in terms they simply don’t understand or don’t need to know.

Just outline what you think the best next steps are and again ask them if they are happy with that?

This does 2 things:

· Reaffirms that you care about their opinion and feelings, more than you care about your protocols and procedures.

· Let’s them relax even further. You have now just removed any uncertainty about what will happen next, so their mind is now free to go to its happy place.

Give them an Amazing treatment.

Now that you have put them at ease, they are primed for you to give them an amazing treatment and the results will be enhanced by the fact that you made sure you did as much as you could to relax them before they even made it to your table.

How to give an amazing treatment is not something I can teach you in a blog post but hopefully you’re on top of your bodywork skills and always aiming to improve and expand what you can offer your clients.

After their treatment, ask them if you can suggest a plan for them moving forward.

Depending on their needs and all the information you have gathered during their session, now is the time for you to make some suggestions that will help them enhance the result they will get from the treatment.

I don’t mean you just suggest another treatment from you.

I mean, other things they could bring into their life (or get rid of from their life) that will bring them closer to achieving their goals.

This is important because it empowers them to take charge of their own journey, rather than remaining in a place they aren’t feeling positive about or abdicating responsibility to you to solve their problems for them in their session.

Giving them suggestions, tools or homework, makes them feel like you genuinely care about their results beyond the time they are paying you for sessions.

When suggesting changes or improvements, make them doable.

Ask them if that feels achievable for them and if they don’t think it is, ask them what would be achievable?

This encourages them again to give thought to their own process.

Then ask them how they feel about that plan?

Ask them if they are feeling more…(insert feeling goal that they expressed at the beginning of the session)…..than they did before they came in today?

I know this may seem like a lot of questions, but you can absolutely do it in a way that doesn’t make them feel like they are being interrogated.

Just express genuine care about them and their feelings when you ask questions and you should be getting answers that are positive.

Having them respond positively to a few questions before they leave will send them off feeling positive about their experience with you.

It also increases their desire to say yes to another session with you. Which is the final question you ask them.

Would you like to book your next session before you leave today? (Or some other words that flow naturally for you.)

Don’t be afraid to ask.

Most of my clients are so relaxed they forget and are actually grateful that I suggested it.

If they aren’t sure, don’t push them.

Let them go home, check their schedule or organize a baby sitter or save up some money.

Whatever it is they need to do before they can commit to another session, let them do it without making them feel like getting more money from them is more important to you than whatever their situation is.

Now, I know there are plenty of hard core coaches out there that will shake their fists at me for saying that.

They might be right.

I’m simply telling you how I do it and what works for me.

It’s not just about what works, it’s about me coming from my heart.

It’s how I roll and I believe it’s why my clients keep coming back.

If you do any of these things, or have some winning wisdom to share on how you rebook your clients, I’d love you to hit me up in the comments below.

Many Blessings to you.

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