Leveraging Your Time, Earning More Money & Snowballs

Do you dream of scaling your income but feel like you have reached an invisible ceiling?

Are your 1:1 sessions with clients your only income stream?

Did you say yes in your head then?

You absolutely need to read this!

Many bodyworkers, healers & heart-centered service providers are struggling to earn the kind of income that makes them excited to get out of bed in the morning.

Even if you have built your business to that exciting 20+ regular bookings each week and you are charging your full price to each of those people, you will struggle to get your income to snowball if you need to be physically present for each transaction.

And what do you do if you want to take time off?

What happens when you are sick?

Have you been saving 20% of your gross income for those times?

Did you say yes in your head then?

If you are anything like me, then probably not!

My snowballs always melted before they gained momentum, until I got creative with my income streams.

So, what are some of the ways you can leverage your time and knowledge to generate that extra money?

I’m going to give you a variety of examples below to get your creative juices flowing and start you thinking about how much of your awesome self you could offer up to the world.


Not only are workshops a great way to leverage your time by offering your knowledge to a larger number of people simultaneously, they are also an excellent way to funnel new clients into your 1:1 sessions.

If you think about your ideal client avatar, (if you don’t know what that is, check out this blog post) what problems do they have or topics might they be interested in learning in a group/workshop environment?

What knowledge and skills do you have that you could easily teach in a group environment and that also match what your ideal client needs and wants?

Perhaps it’s offering something similar to your 1:1 sessions but it becomes more accessible to a wider audience because the cost of a group session is usually lower than a 1:1 session.

Or, maybe it’s something extra that is helpful for your clients to practice in addition to your 1:1 services.

A workshop or series of workshops are usually used for teaching a particular skillset or imparting useful knowledge. What are some things your clients might like to learn about?

Some examples are:

· How to use Essential Oils at home

· How to use Crystals at home

· How to use Flower Essences at home

· How to Massage your kids/partner at home

· How to use Medicinal Herbs in your kitchen

· How to create Moon Rituals

· Understanding Archetypes

· Oracle & Tarot Card Reading

· Self-care for new Mums

· Healthy lunchbox snacks

· Fermenting foods for gut health

The possibilities are endless.


Classes are more aimed towards regular supervised practice of a beneficial activity.

Perhaps one that your clients want extra accountability or support with, or something that just feels better when practiced with a group.

Some examples are:

· Chakra Dance

· Drumming Circle

· Yoga

· Pilates

· Meditation

· Feminine Embodiment

· Stretch & Strength

· Sound Bath

· Red Tent & Sisterhood Circles

· Mindfulness for kids

· Mums & Bubs movement

There are no limits to what you could offer. It just takes a little creative thinking, planning and the willingness to take a chance.

Both workshops & classes are fantastic for creating a sense of community and bringing people together that share a common goal.

As the group facilitator, it automatically positions you as a person of authority in your niche and works wonderfully to make you top of mind when your tribe are looking for a 1:1 session.

Recommended resources:*

Acuity Online scheduler for handling class & workshop scheduling, bookings and payments.


An e-Course can be a fantastic way to have money coming in while you are doing other work, or, while you are sleeping.

Like workshops, you can create an e-Course based on information that you already know and can easily teach to your tribe.

The big difference is, you don’t even have to be present to sell it.

Once you have your idea (this should be something you know your clients are interested in if you hope to sell it), you can do the work once to create your e-Course and sell it over and over again for years to come.

E-Courses are also another great way to attract new clients.

It places you as an authority figure on the subject you are teaching and by the time they have completed to course, they will know, like and trust you without you having to invest a lot of face time with them.

Not only can an e-Course bring in money without you being physically present, it is another fantastic way to funnel new clients in to your 1:1 sessions.

Did I hear somebody say ‘Snowball’?

If you are toying with the idea of creating an e-Course, I highly recommend Kathryn Hocking's e-Course Idea Generator.

Kathryn is the e-Course Queen and an amazing business mentor!

Recommended Resources:*

E-Course Idea Generator for nailing your profitable e-Course idea.

Thrive Themes for hosting your e-Course content. Pick one of their themes that has the ‘apprentice’ feature and you can host all your e-Courses on your WordPress website.

Member Mouse for handling payment processing and enabling access to your content based on their subscription levels.

A Membership Program

If you have created several levels of client offerings, you can combine some of these together as a monthly membership program.

This is a fantastic way to get clients that are committed to achieving results by offering them extra value and support outside of your 1:1 sessions.

Say you have a weekly class that you run, as well as an e-Course that you sell and you offer 1:1 services too; you could make a combination of those offerings plus a private online group or forum as a package for a monthly fee.

So, your membership program could look something like:

· 1 Monthly 1:1 session with you

· 1 weekly class (during the school terms or whenever you run your classes)

· 1 weekly live group online Q & A/Mentoring call hosted in the group

· Access to your e-Course

· Special VIP member rates to your live workshops

· Any other thing of value you can think of you might be able to add to make your membership offering feel super juicy and valuable.

If you know your clients well, know what problems they have that you feel confident and passionate about helping them with, a membership program can be a wonderful way have a consistent stream of income while offering another level of access to you that gets big results for people.

Recommended Resources:*

Acuity can handle the set-up of membership payments.

If you are wanting to include an e-Course in your membership you may want to go with something like:

Thrive Themes for hosting your e-Course content. Pick one of their themes that has the ‘apprentice’ feature and you can host all your e-Courses on your WordPress website.

Member Mouse for handling payment processing and enabling access to your content based on their subscription levels.

Please note that these are by no means the only options when it comes to hosting e-Courses and memberships, they are just the ones I recommend and it is largely based on their cost/value.

There will always be people out there ready to promote high priced items that quite frankly, are overkill in the early stages of creating your programs.

My aim is to empower you to move forward with getting your awesomeness out into the world, without having barriers like running out of money stop you in your tracks or melt your snowballs.

Affiliate Sales

Becoming an affiliate for someone else’s products can be an excellent way for you to generate some extra income.

If it is complimentary to what you do and relative to your niche, you can promote the products or services of other businesses on your website, in your Facebook group or to your email list and receive a commission on purchases made through your affiliate links.

This is great if you don’t have the room or funds available for holding your own stock. You can easily find people that sell the products you would like to sell and that also have affiliate programs you can join.

This saves you having to do the work or outlay the funds. Just promote their products and when your tribe purchases through your affiliate links, you get a commission.

It is also great if you would love your clients to learn something that you don’t personally teach but it would be helpful for them to know. You can promote someone else’s e-Course and earn a commission on your referrals.

There is nothing sleazy about this.

It’s mutually beneficial.

If you are in integrity and only recommending products and services that you trust, your tribe get the benefit of your experience and you are rewarded for sharing your knowledge of relevant products and services.

Your tribe don’t pay any extra in order for you to be rewarded. It is the supplier that rewards you for your referrals.

It basically comes out of their advertising budget.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when doing affiliate marketing.

Only become an affiliate for products or other businesses that you know, love and trust.

It is not worth losing the trust of your tribe by recommending something that just doesn’t measure up in exchange for an affiliate commission.

Don’t be spammy with it. Make sure it’s relevant to your clients’ needs and avoid constantly shoving it in front of them.

Be sure that you know the guidelines of each affiliate program you join. Some of them may have restrictions around how and where you can promote your links. So be sure to read their terms of service.

If done well, affiliate income can add a nice little bit of cream on top your income pie.

Recommended Resources:

Bitly & Pretty Link are great tools for prettying up those unsightly affiliate links.


If you think you are up for the challenge, adding retreats to your client offerings can be a wonderful way to spice up your revenue streams.

Not only can they be fun, they can be lucrative when you know what you are doing.

When you think about the ways you help your clients, could that be enhanced by spending 3-7 days in a group environment with you in an exciting location?

Could you take them some place amazing where they can learn from you and gain knowledge through your teachings and the transformative experiences you offer?

Now I’ve really got you thinking, haven’t I?

Imagine doing your absolute best work with your most committed clients in a beautiful place that you have always dreamed of going!

Now imagine being paid 5-10k profit for doing it!

Destination retreats can also be a great platform to sell your membership program off the back end of.

There is a lot of work involved in creating a profitable destination retreat but if done well, they can be a lucrative addition to your business.

It is important when thinking about planning a retreat, that you consider if your business is ready for it.

Do you have a solid existing client base to promote your retreat to yet? If not, you may struggle to fill your retreat and lose money instead of making it.

If you do have a business that is retreat ready and you are excited about the thought of being paid to travel to gorgeous locations around the world, I highly recommend checking out Sheri Rosenthal’s Plan, Fill & Profit, Retreat Blueprint.

It is a mastermind program with the best Facebook group mentoring I have come across.

Sheri really knows her stuff when it comes to planning retreats. Along with her amazing team, Sheri holds your hand through the whole A-Z process of planning and filling a profitable retreat that leaves your tribe raving and wanting more.

(There’s actually way more to planning a retreat than I had realized and I may have had to learn the hard way if I hadn’t joined this mastermind.)

Recommended Resources:*

Sheri Rosenthal’s Plan, Fill & Profit, Retreat Blueprint.

So, there you have it.

Six Awesome ways to leverage your time, earn more money and watch your income snowball.

*Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase from them, I may receive financial compensation. This happens at no extra cost to you and I only recommend products and services that I know and love and trust.

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