The Top 6 Things That are Repelling Your Bodywork Business Abundance!

Over the many years I have spent running my own heart centered service business, I discovered a number of things that block your ability to receive abundance. Numbers 1, 3 & 4 in particular, were things I used to do that seriously held me back.

Number 1:


So many of us, (myself included) get our certification in our hot little hands and then decide we want to start our own business. Without too much planning or forethought, it seems like to logical first step is “I need clients.”


What does one do when they don’t have clients?

A lot of the time, they discount.

The logic is, that 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing. We see this in our current culture a lot. So, it makes sense that we would adopt that practice to our own service business but here’s the thing, it doesn’t work.

It may be an effective strategy for a business like Dominos Pizza. After all, they have the infrastructure, staff and bulk buying power of a franchise. This means they can sell 20 pizzas for only a fraction more than it cost them to sell 10.

Not only is this way of thinking not sustainable long term in a 1:1 service business, as you will burn out just trying to keep your overheads covered, it actually blocks your abundance.

When you under-charge you are sending a message to the universe (and your clients) that you will accept and are worthy of a low rate. What happens then is, you continue to attract more of that same low rate energy.

Not only will the universe send you more of the same, your clients will expect a low rate ongoing and the people they refer to you will also be at that lower vibration.

I’ve heard every objection in the book about why people believe they need to discount. I know them all because I used to be the one making all up these crazy reasons about why I couldn’t put my prices up. If I had my time to do over, I would NEVER have charged less than what I wanted to attract for myself long term.

If you aren’t charging your worth, your schedule will fill up quickly with that lower vibrational energy and it will be harder to raise it.

Maybe it will feel safe and comfortable, but in time you also risk becoming resentful of your clients and losing your passion for your gifts AND your business.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely prefer to see 3 clients at $85 each than 5 at $50.

So, raise your vibration AND your prices if you want to magnetise your abundance!

Number 2:

Seeing Other Practitioners as Competition 

I have way more to say around this than I can fit into a blog post but I’ll start by explaining how I feel about other practitioners.

I LOVE them!!

We are all helpers and there are more than enough clients to go around. So much so, that we need MORE healers being successful out there not less!

Sending negative thoughts and or words about other practitioners will block your abundance as quick as you can say “Empty Schedule.”

Whether you are dismissing other modalities as being invalid or not as effective as your own, or you are being negative about another practitioner who is direct ‘competition’ for you, both things will repel your abundance.

If you are verbalizing these opinions (and that’s all they are, let’s be honest) you will only keep the clients who also operate from that fear based scarcity mindset. If you have any high vibe clients at this point, they will be repelled by listening to you put other people down.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of clients who trust me and ask for my ‘opinion’ about certain things. The reason they trust me in this way is because they know I am always happy to refer them to a type of treatment or therapy that would be a better fit, or be complementary, if I think there is one.

When people ask me about other practitioners/modalities, I always explain clearly that:

// I either haven’t tried it so I can’t really give my opinion.

// Or, I tried it but it didn’t work for me. That’s not to say it won’t work for them. Experiences with different healing modalities and bodywork treatments are very subjective.

// Or, based on my years of experience and implicit knowledge, I may recommend something else that I feel confident will be a better fit for them.

// Or, maybe it’s a big fat yes and I encourage them to go try it.

// OR, maybe it is me who actually suggests it to them first! *GASP!

I always do this with the client in mind, for their highest good and their best outcome.

I never worry about my own bank balance.

I know if I am thinking about my own income, it clouds my judgement AND blocks my abundance.

If you don’t feel like you have a good referral base, go create one. Meet other practitioners. Talk to them. Get treatment. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Remember, we get back what we send out. So, don’t be stingy, be loving and stay positive.

Number 3:

Not learning from others

There was a time when I couldn’t be told anything and honestly thought I knew all there was to know about business, even when my business was failing.

Limiting myself and my success to only my own knowledge base was a huge abundance blocker.

Now, if you’re still reading this, you probably don’t fit into this category but I still feel it’s worth mentioning.

My success in business didn’t come until after I realized I had knowledge gaps that I needed to close.

I was able to do this without spending a lot to start with. Ebooks were my main source of information. I subscribed to Audible and was powering through books with amazing business and mindset tools from some of the greats.

If you can’t afford even an Audible subscription right now, then go to your local library and borrow their audio books.

I listened in my drive time, when I was doing housework, when I’m exercising. Unless I am consciously resting or actively engaged in another task, I’m usually listening to something that is enhancing my knowledge.

If you can’t stretch your finances, then stretch your time.

Invest in yourself!

When you commit to your own growth, whether it is financial, emotional, spiritual or any other kind, the universe responds in kind.

If you won’t invest in yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to.

Number 4:

Complaining About Your Clients/Customers.

This is another huge one.

If you have clients in your schedule that are causing you to complain, you may need to check your boundaries.

Where have you been complicit in allowing these clients in, or are you operating at a vibration that is attracting them?

For example: I used to have clients that would fail to turn up for their appointments or cancel at the last minute.

Some of the things I had to ask myself were, have I got a system in place that discourages that? Do I enforce a cancellation policy? Do ask them to pay at the time of booking? Do I believe that I am worthy of such commitment? Am I affirming those beliefs through the actions I am taking?

On another level, I would ask myself, why am I attracting this? Are there areas in my life that I am not showing up for myself right now? Do I need to improve the way I’m showing up for others?

I truly believe that my abundance is directly linked to embodying my gratitude.

This is why I NEVER complain about my clients. If I am unhappy with their behavior, I adjust myself accordingly.

Be grateful for the opportunity to grow at each challenge you face. Send them love, then set your boundaries!

A little side note to this. When it comes to setting boundaries, it can be uncomfortable and a bit scary. Maybe we might fear losing the client if we ask them to pay upfront. Perhaps we are uncomfortable with having to have those difficult conversations.

That was the case for me.

One way around it was to set my online booking system to take payments at the time of booking.

If you lose a client because they don’t like not having the opportunity to cancel at the last minute, it will create room in your schedule for higher vibrational people to come in. In fact, you will be telling the universe that you are ready to step into your abundance.

Be ready to let those people go.

Also, we aren’t helping people by letting them be unreliable and flakey. We rise by lifting others. You are actually doing your clients a favor by making them commit to their appointments.

You might be surprised at how many of them rise to meet you at this point.

Again, some won’t. Don’t worry about them. Don’t complain about them. Keep moving onward and upward.

Number 5:

Being a bad client/customer

If we think about practising abundant mindsets, it pays to look at how we are treating and thinking about other business owners. Whether they are practitioners like ourselves or not.

What are you energetically putting out there when you hear the amount someone is charging for their product or service?

What are your thoughts and feelings around it?

Do you feel annoyed at them for charging a high or low price?

Do you complain about the cost of things?

Does another person’s abundance make you jealous?

Using the pizza analogy again, if you go to the mom & pop store down the road and complain that they are charging $25 for a pizza when Domino’s only charges $10, what sort of effect do you think that would have on your abundance?

If you try to avoid paying the farmers full price for their produce by only ever going to the local farmers market at the end of the day when the farmers have to sell what’s left at a reduced rate, you are undervaluing someone’s efforts and will in kind attract clients that undervalue you.

Now before you get your knickers in a knot, I understand that we all experience hardship and can’t always afford gourmet pizza and organic produce. In fact, I advocate being responsible with your money as that’s another aspect of magnetizing your riches.

The more important point I am making is the thoughts and feelings that are driving your choices are the ones that will attract or repel your abundance.

If your thoughts and actions determine what you are attracting, then doesn’t it make sense to be thinking positively and abundantly when it comes to other businesses?

You can choose not to pay the asking price for a product or service, but the moment you shift to negative thoughts and words about what another business is charging, you are repelling your own abundance and will attract clients that don’t value you.

Supporting other businesses, valuing their products and services and recommending the ones you love to your friends without expecting anything in return, will actually bring you the best returns. Not only will some of those businesses become advocates for you, your abundant mindset will attract more abundance.

Number 6:


Comparing yourself to other practitioners and judging yourself as less than or better than is a sure-fire way to block your abundance.

A common theme I see is when people worry about what others are doing. From what they are charging, to how busy they are etc.

If you are focused on being the best practitioner you can be, identifying your ideal client, targeting your marketing directly to them and following through with a fantastic treatment/experience, then you don’t need to concern yourself with what anyone else is doing.

I like to call it ‘staying in your own lane’. Directing any of your energies toward worrying about what other practitioners in your area are doing is a waste of your good energy and will repel your abundance.

In fact, the only time I concern myself with what my so called ‘competition’ is doing, is when I am seeing her for treatment.

That’s right.

I have a regular massage with someone who most people would consider my direct competitor. I even refer people to her when I am away.

I spend no time what so ever operating from fear based scarcity mindsets. I give generously and know that I will be supported with abundance in return.

I hope you have found some take-aways here and start thinking about how you can apply them to your practice and magnetize your abundance.







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