Welcome to Blissful Bodywork Biz

I'm here to help you build a successful Bodywork Business,

make a bigger impact & create more abundance.

Why did I create The Blissful Bodywork Blog?

Two reasons really.

Firstly, my tribe asked me for it.

Secondly, and this one is close to my heart, because so many Healers & Bodyworkers are coming out of their training having no idea what it takes to translate that certification into a successful and abundant heart based business.

What this means, is that many people give up on their business and their passion before they have a chance to make it work. I was almost one of those people. I’ve burned out, gone broke and had to start over more times than I like to admit!

Eventually, I was so devastated because this thing I was amazing at (and I know I was because people told me so) couldn’t sustainably support my existence, I had to do something.

So I did! I’m an over functioning action taker and always have been. (Sometimes to my detriment) I read everything I could get my hands on about success, abundance and the current best practices for marketing and started applying them to my business.

All of a sudden I was fully booked in the best way possible! I turn more people away than ever now and am selective about who I treat. That’s right. I get to choose my clients!

This took an equal combination of strategy and mindset shifts. I want to share that secret sauce with all the Healers & Bodyworkers out there so that they can step into their abundance and continue their work.

The world needs us and our awesomeness!

It’s time to go forth and multiply your bookings.

Kelly Paris
Blissful Bodywork

I started my healing journey 20 years ago when I first studied Massage Therapy. Then, I spent 6 years running my families hotel but during that time I kept being pulled back to more healing and more study.

I've tried loads of methods to succeed in business (many of them were unsuccessful) and enthusiastically share my knowledge with anyone who will listen.

I am passionate about helping other Bodyworkers succeed in business because I believe the world needs more of us and too many healers give up before they make their business work.​